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You probably don't need to be convinced that there is something special to the human animal connection, the "beastie bond". Maybe you appreciate how, compared to navigating the complexity of relationships with fellow humans, the one you share with your horse, your cat, or your dog more predictably leaves you feeling more seen and unconditionally accepted. But have you ever wondered, beyond how good it feels to always have someone clearly glad to see you, what measurable impacts it may have on your physiology?

Today's guest, Dr. Nancy Gee,  Director of the Center for Human Animal Interaction at Virginia Commonwealth University, stands in the sweet spot of a heart-led, research-backed perspective of the beastie bond. 

Check out Nancy’s new book, The Role of Companion Animals in the Treatment of Mental Disorders

By Nancy Gee (Editor), Lisa Townsend (Editor) & Robert Findling (Editor)

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